Our Home

Since 2008 we've attempted to add something to the world we thought would benefit people and also contribute to the cause of reusing and recycling valuable materials. Located in Seattle, a land filled with endless natural treasures, we're very aware of the beauty we're protecting and work hard to be an organization you can feel good working with.

Our Standards

You can resell or recycle your computer with us knowing that all unusable materials will be responsibly recycled according to strict BAN principles, a claim no other re-commerce company can make. We only work with e-steward certified recycling companies for all of our scrap material recycling and e-waste electronic recycling.

The Impact

Responsible recycling insures that none of your recycled materials get dumped overseas on developing countries where citizens often use crude burning and melting processes that result in devastating pollution of the air, land and water in their very own villages.

Our Commitment

Regardless of our growth, this is a stance we will not compromise on. It isn't cheap to do it this way, but it's our belief that companies, just like individuals, need to take ethical stands in order to preserve the quality of our world.